OptiServe Technology – Publisher Solutions

When you work the most demanding publishers on the Web, nothing short of amazing will do. Adblade’s Optiserve technology now serves advertising on over 700 of the largest properties on the Web. Our Optiserve infrastructure also delivers billions of impressions for the world’s largest most ROI focused advertisers. Our team carries a deep and rich expertise in online media, ad serving, media planning and mobile.

We built the Optiserve platform to be the heart of Adblade’s technology infrastructure. Optiserve has multiple layers of redundancy and massive capacity to scale. Leading publishers now sell into the Adblade network using a dashboard powered by Optiserve. The system is battle tested daily and its feature set for publishers and advertisers is powerful and intuitive. There is a reason the Web’s largest advertisers, publishers and ad agencies now rely on Adblade’s Optiserve technology. Optiserve works better!

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