Adiant Acquires Solve Media’s TYPE-IN™ CAPTCHA Advertising Business

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
Adiant, a leading pioneer of native advertising, with more than 550M monthly global uniques, today announced that it has acquired Solve Media’s advertising business unit and its TYPE-IN™ ad platform that transforms CAPTCHA into a highly engaging consumer touchpoint for brands. Solve Media’s TYPE-IN™ technology creates extremely effective branding opportunities to engage consumers through CAPTCHA, display, video, pre-roll and mobile formats. Solve Media increases brand message delivery, recall rates and return on investment for advertisers.  The acquisition will create new revenue opportunities for existing publishers and improve the user experience for consumers. IMAGE FOR RELEASE           “In today’s digital world of ad blockers and fraud, engagement has become one of the most important metrics to measure digital advertising campaign success,” stated Ash Nashed, CEO Adiant. “We make it a priority to invest in technology and unique ad formats that increase value for both advertisers and publishers. Many top tier brand agencies stated that Solve Media’s TYPE-IN™ products consistently generate the highest brand and message lift. This is the only major ad format where consumers interact with a brand’s key message as opposed to the passive display and pre-roll models. Effective immediately, Solve Media’s inventory, groundbreaking ad formats and brand expertise, combined with Adiant’s ad technology and scale, will give advertisers fraud-free, highly measurable digital solutions across all screens. Solve Media’s innovative advertising and security solutions will be available across Adiant’s vast network. With the combination of Adiant’s scale and Solve Media’s technology, it will provide unprecedented opportunities for advertisers who seek consumer engagement and brand awareness.  In addition, Solve Media will add to Adiant’s existing roster of blue chip clients with brands such as Merck, British Airways, Fedex, P&G, Unilever and New York Life, to name a few. With the acquisition of Solve Media’s advertising business, Adiant will now be expanding into Philadelphia, PA as well as adding to the existing team in New York City.

Adiant Partners With Alliant to Offer Premium Targeting Capabilities on a CPC Basis

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015
Adiant, owner of the most innovative content-style native advertising platform, has announced an integration with Alliant that will give its advertisers access to targeted consumer advertising segments. Alliant develops and maintains one of the largest and most comprehensive proprietary databases of consumer purchasing information. Alliant’s data is updated continuously, and includes information on over 270 million U.S. consumers. The combination of Adiant’s scale and Alliant’s wealth of information will provide advertisers with a robust audience targeting platform capable of delivering increased long-term ROI. Effective immediately, the Alliant audiences will be available across Adiant’s digital advertising platforms on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. Offering CPC pricing with Adiant’s scale and Alliant’s targeting capabilities, provides an exciting opportunity for advertisers who seek consumer engagement and lead generation. Adiant offers advertisers and marketers a turn-key approach to digital advertising, providing creative development, custom audience targeting and media placement. The integration with Alliant will help Adiant better serve and grow its advertisers, especially brands, who are looking to target a specific audience. “We recognize that our advertisers and marketers have a need for sophisticated targeting,” explained Ash Nashed, CEO Adiant. “Our integration with Alliant is an opportunity to make the world of digital advertising easier for marketers to navigate. Partnering with Alliant was an easy choice and we knew it would mean one less challenge our customers had to deal with when launching campaigns on our platforms. Alliant offers our clients sophisticated targeting solutions with proven quality.” For many marketers and advertisers, the internet is a large and unorganized space to find specific audiences targets. Adiant is changing that. Adiant’s strategy is to combine its extensive reach with Alliant’s targeting capabilities to enable advertisers to find a specific consumer segment at a scale needed to make marketing campaigns truly successful. “Adiant is an innovative platform partner who shares our vision and passion for cutting-edge digital advertising solutions,” said Donna Hamilton, Alliant’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development. “We believe Adiant delivers a unique value proposition for many marketers and we are looking forward to being part of their compelling growth story.”

Programmatic Advertising for Retailers and Brands

Monday, October 12th, 2015
Programmatic is topic that is on every marketers’ mind lately. There is a lot is written about why programmatic can be so great, but there isn’t much that specifically discusses how programmatic can be actionably used in your next digital campaign. This October, at the Retail Summit in Philadelphia this presentation was given to brands and retailers detailing some specific solutions that can be used. There were some key takeaways from the presentation, once being that programmatic ads are more than just retargeting, and can be used for top and mid-funnel marketing activities. CRM data can be leveraged as broadly as possible to help target your ad campaigns. In addition, programmatic ad creative can ensure you are using the right message for each potential customer.

Adiant Acquires inSparq, the Leading Provider of Social Commerce Technology

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Adiant, owner of Adblade, the most innovative content-style native advertising platform on the web with more than 550M monthly global uniques, today announced that it has acquired inSparq, a technology platform which helps retailers and brands discover and market their trending products in real time. Trends showcase what’s popular at the moment by analyzing products that shoppers share on social media and what they purchase online.  inSparq is the only company that enables retailers and brands to instantly merchandise trending products in on-site recommendations, email marketing as well as ads.

Adiant’s acquisition of inSparq delivers a marketing solution to retailers and brands that drives branding, awareness and conversions. The combination will leverage inSparq’s ecommerce and social media expertise with Adiant’s vast digital scale and advertising knowledge to tap into the power of social merchandising. In addition, inSparq will add to Adiant’s existing roster of premium clients with brands such as American Apparel,, giggle, and Newegg.

Bringing inSparq on board will help Adiant better serve and grow its retail clients. Brands and retailers will now be able to dynamically optimize ads with the most relevant and socially shared products. This solution, which is unlike anything the digital or retail industries have seen, combines a proven social recommendation engine with a digital advertising platform. This will allow companies to tap into the passion that consumers bring to social media and easily turn it into programmatic creative for the right audience segments.  

“Our acquisition of inSparq is a direct result of the need to continue to develop digital solutions for retailers and brands. We not only want to provide a solution, but one that is best in class and taps into the unique power of social media.” said Ash Nashed, CEO of Adiant. “inSparq gives us an opportunity to create the first-ever socially trending product ad that will have access to a base of over 550 million monthly uniques across the globe. This will allow brands and retailers to engage with their audience at a scale and in a way that they never have before. It is a very exciting moment in our company’s history and will position us for real growth in the upcoming years.”

“In Adiant, we have found an incredible partner who shares our vision and passion for providing cutting-edge digital advertising solutions for retailers and brands. The joint solution will make a real change in the way the industry operates and will become a transformational marketing channel by helping brands showcase the aspirational products that customers share in social media.” saidVeronika Sonsev, CEO of inSparq.

Adiant and Zemanta Set New Standard for the Programmatic Native Advertising Industry with Advanced RTB Technology Partnership

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
Adiant, owner of Adblade the most innovative content-style native advertising platform on the internet and the Adblade Exchange, and Zemanta, the leading native content demand-side platform (DSP), today announce the launch of their partnership and platform integration. Buying on the Adblade Exchange through the Zemanta One Content DSP, marketers can, for the first time, programmatically bid in real time on billions of monthly content-style native ad impressions across thousands of desktop and mobile websites. Adiant has simplified the RTB content-style native ad buying process with the creation of the Adblade Exchange.  The way in which Adiant has developed their RTB technology makes it easier for DSPs to administer, manage inventory and meet goals for content-style native advertising campaigns.  This advanced technology allows Zemanta to easily achieve the scalability they are looking to provide to marketers. “We’re pleased to offer Adiant’s RTB exchange thru the Zemanta One Content DSP,” said Todd Sawicki, Zemanta CEO, “Both teams are committed to delivering true targeting and audience buying capabilities to the world of content ads and native advertising.” Adiant’s proprietary RTB technology allows DSPs, such as Zemanta, to execute highly successful programmatic campaigns that enable buyers to more effectively reach the right audience and deliver the most relevant message to the right consumers. While the joining of RTB and native advertising may have changed the industry, Adiant’s innovation is taking it to the next level. Not all exchanges are equal and with Adiant’s exchange technology, Zemanta is now finding it possible to buy the targeted audiences its brand advertisers want. The result is content-style native advertising campaigns that meet the reach and frequency goals of Zemanta’s clients. “We were impressed with Adiant’s programmatic infrastructure, publishers and service. They offered a true Native RTB solution that we wanted to be a part of. By integrating our native content DSP with Adiant, we are able to offer our advertisers quality native inventory, at scale, and on a real time basis,” Todd Sawicki commented. “With RTB and native advertising only expected to grow, Adiant is making it a priority to provide DSPs with what they need to succeed in a highly competitive market,” Said CEO Ash Nashed. Adiant’s Adblade Exchange delivers highly targeted native ads via an advanced RTB system to thousands of local and national branded digital properties. Including publishers such as McClatchy Newspapers, Worldnow, Lee Enterprises, Christian ScienceMonitor, Washington Times, ABC News, Hearst and hundreds more.  Adiant reaches over 300 million unique visitors in the U.S. each month and over 550 million worldwide.

Adiant, Owner of Adblade, Launches AdSolutions

Thursday, January 29th, 2015
Adiant, owner of Adblade and IndustryBrains, the most innovative content-style native ad platform on the web, today announced the launch of AdSolutions. In recognizing the challenges that exist in the industry, Adblade has developed a suite of products and services which allow serious online marketers to execute native advertising campaigns faster, easier and with more flexibility. Having worked with top agencies and brands for many years, Adblade sees the enormous pressure online marketers feel to deliver successful campaign results to both internal and external stakeholders. AdSolutions is designed to support an agency or brand in the process of creating successful campaigns from inception and execution to optimizing and final reporting. “There was a gap in the marketplace for providing marketers with a true turnkey native advertising campaign solution,” says Ash Nashed CEO of Adiant. “We have been carefully tracking issues many companies were running up against and saw a real opportunity to address their needs.”  Included in the suite of solutions is a DMP (Data Management Platform) which taps into Adiant’s massive premium in content native inventory reaching over 550M uniques per month globally and also includes the recent integration with LiveRamp, which offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data integration. AdSolutions also includes everything from specialized daily account optimization and management, flexible ad units, robust reporting, built in fraud protection, multiple targeting options and competitive pricing. Adblade has remained a leader in the native advertising industry for many years by continuing to address challenges in the marketplace and providing industry leading solutions to publishers and advertisers. AdSolutions is designed to help agencies and brands meet deadlines, achieve goals, meet budgets and deliver great ROI.

Adblade Ad Platform Announces Over 400% Growth in Native Mobile Reach in 2014

Monday, January 26th, 2015
January 26, 2015 – Adiant, owner of Adblade the most innovative content-style native ad platform on the web and IndustryBrains, today announced that its mobile reach has grown from just under 80 million monthly uniques to over 400 Million global monthly uniques in the last 12 months as reported by Quantcast. “This phenomenal growth has affirmed the high quality of our mobile products for both publishers and advertisers,” said CEO Ash Nashed. “We are positioning ourselves to meet this growing demand from both sides of our business, and more importantly by recognizing that this is a consumer trend that will only continue to increase.” In an effort to address the ever-changing advertising landscape, Adblade has recognized that there is a need for greater mobile inventory in the marketplace. The advertising industry is moving more and more towards mobile each year. The importance mobile advertising will play in the future can already be seen with current trends. According to a report published by, the total U.S. media ad spend for mobile will increase from 9.8% in 2014 to a projected 18.7% in 2016. That is nearly doubling in just two years. In addition to the massive mobile inventory available, Adblade also provides multiple mobile targeting options for advertisers. Advertisements can be targeted by device or by operating system for even more accuracy in reaching exactly the audience that the advertiser intends. Adblade’s Newsbullet® ad format is extremely efficient and responsive in seamlessly adapting to the mobile environment. The Newsbullet® mobile ads campaigns have seen great success as a tool for branding, lead generation and driving app downloads. The mobile opportunities Adblade has made available have garnered positive feedback from both publishers and advertisers alike.  

Native Ad Survey: Ads vs. Editorial, Can Consumers Tell the Difference?

Thursday, December 18th, 2014
Clear Labeling Is Important to Helping Consumers Properly Identify Native Ad Widgets as Paid Ads or Editorially Recommended Content<strong?
NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – December 18, 2014) – Adiant, owner of Adblade the most innovative content style native ad exchange on the web and IndustryBrains, released findings from several native advertising online surveys that they conducted. As a follow-up to their recent participation in the IAB’s Native Disclosure Workshop held in New York City on December 4th, Adiant shared the results from surveys asking consumers to identify various advertising and content widgets as advertisements or editorially recommended content. Over two hundred and twenty highly educated, web savvy consumers reviewed the images and were given the same question and answer choices throughout the survey. The only differentiator for each of the questions was the content recommendation widget shown. All consumers were instructed to answer if the images were one of the following: Advertisements, Articles that Paid to be promoted by the Website, Articles Recommended by the Website’s Editors, or that they didn’t know.
When the widgets had no disclosures above the units, or if the large text above the units was labeled with wording like “From Around the Web,” “Recommended for You” or “You May Like,” 30%-40% of consumers either didn’t know what the unit was or mistakenly thought the ads in the units were recommended by the website’s editors, leading them to believe it was editorial content.
On the other hand when the widget shown had the disclosure above the unit in large font and was labeled as “Offers and Articles,” the number of consumers that thought it was editorial content significantly decreased to about 10% to 15%.
“Disclosures remain an important issue to companies in our industry and even though consumers are becoming increasingly savvy, it is still up to us to make sure consumers know what type of information they are consuming,” said Ash Nashed, Adiant’s CEO.
While it is encouraging that the majority of consumers correctly identified paid units as being paid promotion or as outright advertising, there is evidence that labeling the advertising widgets with language that clearly indicates that it is advertising further reduces any misconception that consumers may have about the units. You may view the full survey results here.

About Adiant

Adiant is a digital media technology company whose mission it is to deliver the most innovative advertising solutions to quality publishers and advertisers. Adiant’s brands, Adblade and IndustryBrains, have been engineered from the ground up to offer both immediate and long-term sustained value with a high level of customer service. Adblade is largest content style native ad exchange on the web and reaches more than 550 Million monthly uniques in the United States. Founded in 2008, the company is headquartered in Somerville, NJ and has offices in New York City and Buffalo, NY.

Quantcast Releases List of Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms

Monday, November 10th, 2014

First in a quarterly series of top 20 global ad networks and platforms with public Quantcast Measure profiles

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Quantcast, a leading technology and real-time advertising company, today released a list of the top 20 global ad networks and platforms with public Quantcast Measure profiles. At the top of the list was Rubicon Project, with a reach of 544 million people globally in October. The list, which can be found at, is the first in a quarterly series. It includes representation across the advertising ecosystem, from ad exchanges, such as OpenX, to platforms focused on specialized ad units, such as GumGum.

“The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms List provides insight into the makeup of the global online advertising ecosystem and the power that Quantcast Measure brings to ad networks and platforms for validation and demonstration of their audience composition and reach,” said Jag Duggal, senior vice president of Product Management for Quantcast. “At the top of the list are supply-side platforms and ad-exchange platforms that connect buyers and sellers globally.”

“Premium publishers and Web applications are increasingly adopting advertising automation technology to help them reach audiences globally,” commented Gregory R. Raifman, president, Rubicon Project. “Ranking No. 1 on the Quantcast list is proof that Rubicon Project is the top choice for those who seek unprecedented global reach and scale.”

Adblade, a content advertising platform, also lands in the top five, demonstrating the wide adoption of content-based advertising. Ash Nashed, founder and CEO of Adblade, commented: “Quantcast has been a very valuable tool for us over the years and has helped us demonstrate our rapid audience growth and quality to both advertisers and publishers across the U.S. and worldwide.”

Online video is represented by SpotXchange and AnyClip, both video advertising platforms. Ad networks continue to play an important role: J Carter Marketing, engage:BDR and IDG TechNetwork are just a few examples that appear in the top 20.

The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms List demonstrates how the infrastructure for digital advertising has expanded globally. Nine of the 20 entities reached the majority of their audiences outside of the U.S. Using Quantcast Measure, ad networks and platforms can track their global reach, as well as gain insight into their audience composition.

The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms List draws from ad networks and platforms that are directly measured by Quantcast Measure and have chosen to share their traffic profile publicly. Entities are ranked by their global 30-day people number, which is a modeled number that represents the unduplicated audience reach across an entity’s Web and mobile Web properties. The Top Global Ad Networks and Platforms List only includes entities that work with third-party publishers to monetize their inventory with advertising. Publishers that sell advertising, but exclusively against their owned and operated properties, are not included.

SOURCE Quantcast

Adiant, owner of Adblade and IndustryBrains, integrates with LiveRamp to provide Advertisers Native Ad Retargeting at Scale

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Adiant, the most innovative native advertising platform on the web and owner of Adblade and IndustryBrains, today announced an integration with LiveRamp’s data onboarding service. The integration will allow advertisers to use their own customer data for retargeting across the largest proprietary native advertising platform on the Web. Advertisers will benefit from more targeted campaigns that produce higher click-through rates and increased conversions to more qualified customers. Through a process called data onboarding, Adiant advertisers will now be able to define audience segments based on attributes in their customer databases – such as past purchase history and customer lifetime value – and then anonymize and deliver those segments to Adiant for retargeting. “Adiant again raises the bar in native advertising, giving advertisers powerful audience targeting within our massive “in content” advertising platform now reaching 553 million unique users monthly,” said CEO Ash Nashed. “We’ll continue to provide cutting-edge solutions advertisers and publishers are looking for as the industry evolves, making sure we offer the best technology available and the highest quality and properly labeled native advertising platform. Providing high quality advertisers with the ability to use their customer data to retarget Adiant’s in content placements at scale creates completely new ways for advertisers to interact with users. It also makes our premium publishing partner’s inventory more valuable in terms of generating higher CPMs.” “We’re excited to help Adiant customers realize even greater value by connecting Adiant to valuable customer data sources, ” said Auren Hoffman, CEO of LiveRamp. “By onboarding customer data, advertisers can benefit from proven data-driven marketing strategies, such as CRM retargeting, ad suppression, and look-alike modeling.” Adiant, owner of Adblade and IndustryBrains has direct first party relationships with over 1,000 local and national branded digital properties, including publishers such as McClatchy Newspapers, Worldnow, Lee Enterprises, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, ABC News, Hearst and hundreds more. Adiant helps agencies and advertisers successfully connect with qualified customers with properly labeled “in content” style native advertising placements in highly credible environments at the right time – when they are browsing for quality information. About Adiant Adiant is a digital media technology company whose mission is to deliver the most innovative advertising solutions to quality publishers and advertisers. Our brands have been engineered from the ground up to offer both immediate and long-term sustained value with a high level of customer service. For more information visit About LiveRamp LiveRamp connects data across more than 100 digital marketing applications. By onboarding customer data into the measurement, targeting, and personalization applications developed by our partners, we help leading brands eliminate data silos and run more efficient marketing programs. For more information, visit