Adiant Launches Real-Time Local, Social News Widget

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
Adiant, the innovation leader in digital media technology for publishers and advertisers, announced today the launch of the CrowdCloud widget, a tool that allows publishers to display aggregated social media data and news items. The CrowdCloud widget offers advantages other real-time local, social news widget services can’t match, including an ability to display only curated, local content and a flexible design that enables publishers to monetize the widget and keep users on the publisher’s page. “Real-time local, social news widget technology has been around for some time,” noted Ash Nashed, CEO of Adiant. “But the CrowdCloud widget takes the concept to a whole new level. Since the content is curated, users can be confident that it will be relevant and safe. The CrowdCloud widget also allows publishers to feature their own content or generate revenue by selling prominent ad space on the widget itself or on the page header that is displayed when a widget user clicks a link.” The CrowdCloud widget ensures content safety by aggregating the top one percent of social posts via proprietary technology and then subjecting the preselected content to additional scrutiny via human review, a safety measure many other social media aggregators do not provide. The result is safe, quality content that publishers can display without concerns about subjecting viewers to random, irrelevant or offensive items. Website publishers who want to make their site the go-to source for local news and events can make it happen with the CrowdCloud widget, which enables local social media data display. Publishers can take advantage of the widget’s flexible design to augment their revenue streams or promote their own content, offering or using the prime ad space immediately below the widget or in the heading of the new page that displays when widget viewers click a link. With advantages that traditional real-time local, social news widgets can’t deliver, the CrowdCloud widget is poised to change the way publishers provide information. To learn more about CrowdCloud, please visit About CrowdCloud CrowdCloud is a simple and fun way to harness the world of social media to connect real-time with what matters in local communities. Instead of requiring users to find and follow random people and sort though millions of posts, CrowdCloud filters the data, using both artificial intelligence and human curators to deliver meaningful results and let users instantly know what’s going on in their locations. CrowdCloud is also striking partnerships with leading local media outlets to help partners leverage this unique mobile technology within their markets. For more information, please visit About Adiant Adiant is a digital media technology company that is committed to delivering the most innovative advertising solutions to top quality publishers and advertisers. The company’s brands have been completely engineered from the ground up to offer both immediate and long-term sustained value with the highest levels of customer service. To discover more about Adiant, please visit