Adblade Releases the First Premium-Only Self-Serve Retargeting Network

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
Utilizes highly efficient NewsBullets® ad format across 190 million monthly unique users to deliver strong ROI at scale. PRESS RELEASE – NEW YORK, NY – Adiant, the innovation leader in digital media technology for publishers and advertisers and parent company of the most innovative premium-only ad network, today announced the launch of a self-service customer retargeting tool that can drive significant ROI by reengaging site visitors and improving brand awareness. It works by displaying ads on ultra premium sites to customers who have already shown interest by visiting brand sites, converting “window shoppers” into buyers. It uses the highly efficient NewsBullets® ads that deliver conversions at three times that of standard ads. “Adblade Retargeting delivers incredible returns by targeting the customers most likely to buy – those who have already visited a brand site,” noted Ash Nashed, CEO of Adiant. “Real life interrupts online transactions every minute. With Adblade Retargeting, brands can get in front of those potential customers again on a premium website they visit later using the most efficient ad unit available.” Adblade Retargeting reengages site visitors and converts window shoppers into buyers by remembering visitors and the products or services they viewed before and displaying targeted ads on premium websites across the Internet. This places ads in front of customers who have already showed an interest in the product or service – a group that is much more likely to make a purchase than a random segment of viewers. Adblade Retargeting is fast and easy to implement, requiring a single line of code on a web or ecommerce sites. Websites can deploy the powerful Adblade Retargeting tool in about 30 seconds and start reaching warm leads on the largest premium audience on the Internet, which includes hundreds of brand-safe publishers. With the highest AdSafe score in the industry, Adblade displays ads only on high quality websites, which protects brand equity. A leading, independent online content rating organization, AdSafe reveals the percentage of “high risk” and “very high risk” inventory on networks. Brands can leverage this information to prevent their ads from being associated with offensive or questionable content. In addition to protecting brand equity with premium network placement, Adblade delivers unparalleled ease of use and a proprietary NewsBullets® ad format that delivers up to three times the click-through rate of other creative formats. Advertisers can simply upload an image and text to get started or choose a standard banner. Advertisers can launch an Adblade Retargeting campaign through a simple CPM pricing model that requires only $50 to begin. Adblade puts them in the driver’s seat: The advertiser controls the daily budget and bidding price and can easily make adjustments with a user-friendly online administrator page. Both full and self-service is available and there is no long-term contract or commitment. Adblade Retargeting can make placing ads in front of the customers most likely to make a purchase fast, easy and affordable. Find out more at About Adblade Adblade is a leading online ad network that offers a unique value proposition through innovative proprietary ad units, expansive reach and distribution through only select top-tier publishers. A comScore and OMMA top 25 ad network, Adblade reaches more than 200 million monthly unique users in the US through over 1,000 branded content sites. Launched in January 2008, Adblade has built its business on unique ad units that allow both brand advertisers and top publishers to succeed in a crowded online marketplace. With responsive customer support and proprietary optimization technology, Adblade provides brands, agencies and direct response advertisers with industry-leading value and ROI. Adblade is headquartered in Somerville, NJ with operations in New York, NY. For more information, visit About Adiant Adiant is a digital media technology company that is committed to delivering the most innovative advertising solutions to top quality publishers and advertisers. The company’s brands have been engineered completely from the ground up to offer both immediate and long-term sustained value with the highest levels of customer service. To discover more about Adiant, please visit # # # #