Adiant Acquires Marchex Pay-Per-Click Site Specific Assets and IndustryBrains Brand

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
NEW YORK — Adiant, owner of the most innovative┬ácontent-style ad platform on the web, today announced Adiant’s July acquisition of assets from Marchex, including assets from the former IndustryBrains, a suite of high-quality news and financial publications that will greatly expand Adiant’s mission of offering advertisers placements adjacent to the highest quality online content. Adiant will integrate former members of the Marchex Pay-Per-Click Site Specific team into its workforce and this service will continue to function as a separate unit within Adiant, providing advertisers access to publishers like Bloomberg, Bankrate, MorningStar, and Investopedia, alongside more than one thousand existing publishers already part of Adiant’s Adblade content-style ad network. “Advertisers have come to understand that matching premium content with audience targeting is the best way to reach their desired audiences,” said Ash Nashed, CEO of Adiant. “By combining this outstanding set of publishers with our other products, including the content-style network Adblade, we’re now giving advertisers access to even more high-quality sites and audiences with some of the best technology in the business.” Publishers working with this separate Adiant service will now have access to even more ad revenue-generating solutions, including expanded reporting, ad optimization capabilities and functionality, as well as significantly larger CPMs and unique sales opportunities. Advertisers will be able to reach a much larger audience by combining the assets from the former IndustryBrains’ reach with the sites within Adiant’s Adblade network. Advertisers in Adiant’s Adblade division will expand their reach through new publishers and be able to retarget niche groups of verticals across both sets of publishers. Publishers working with Adblade will, in turn, benefit from the influx of new advertising partners, which will result in higher ad quality, diversity and increased CPMs. The core Marchex employees working with this asset have become employees of Adiant, ensuring a seamless transition for existing advertisers and publishers while retaining industry-best talent. TechCrunch was the first to report the news. About Adiant Adiant is a digital media technology company whose mission is to deliver the most innovative advertising solutions to quality publishers and advertisers. Our brands have been engineered from the ground up to offer both immediate and long term sustained value with a high level of customer service.